Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gotta Love Patriotic, Americana and 4th of July Home Decorations Free E-Books by Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

It's the start of the summer season in the U.S. and for crafters thoughts turn to the 4th of July, patriotic, and  americana home decorations. With that in mind I thought you might enjoy a few free e-books showing you how to make some adorable woodcraft decorations for your home.  They're all very easy to make and include a firecracker trio, birdhouse, stars, USA cube decoration and flags.

I hope you enjoy making your patriotic USA woodcraft decorations.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Americana and Summer Stitcheries and Doodles Free Patterns By Betty Dekat of Primitivebettys

I am a lover of punch needle, wool felt penny rugs, stitcheries, cross-stitch, and felted ornaments and/or pictures, and rug hooking. As a result I love to find wonderful cross-stitch designs, stitcheries, and doodles.

Well, Betty Dekat of primitivebettys blog and primitivebettys Etsy Shoppe has some wonderful free stitcheries, doodles, and cross-stitch designs on her Picturetrail account that I think you will absolutely love. I already have my eye on many, many of her designs for some punchneedle, wool felt, and cross-stitch gifts I'd like to make. I hope you enjoy Betty's designs.

Shown below are some of her Americana and Summer stitchery and doodle designs:

~*USA Kitty Freebie*~
© primitivebettys

Summer Wedding Wreath with Ribbon Roses Free Tutorial Ros Coffey of RosMadeMe Blog

Do you love wedding decorations and wreaths.  If you do then you'll be pleased to know that Ros Coffey has a tutorial on her RosMadeMe Blog blog showing you how to make a wonderful organza wreath.   I just love it.

Summer Wedding Wreath with Ribbon Roses Tutorial

Copyright © 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Ros Coffey of RosMadeMe Blog.

Here's what Ros had to say about her tutorial:  When I started this today, the sun was shining and I thought any Bride would be happy with the day... but then the rains came, then the thunder and lightening, and finally, to round it off we had hail. The UK will certainly take the weather gold medal this weekend, if only for diversity!

One of the things I always remember about wedding is not so much the dress but the little touches, which is why this wreath is made from fabrics you might be making your bride and bridesmaid's dresses from. I hit my Jane Means stash of ribbons to start off this week's tutorial, so get yourself ready and let's get started:

Ros's Bio:I live by the sea, in Essex, in Leigh-on-sea. I have been making things since I was a child, earliest memories were embroidering squares of binca matting, making felt egg cups and ripping back my knitting when my sister had picked up a dropped stitch... yep, it really did have to be all my own work! I am a dreadful hoarder, with stashes of wool and fabric hidden around my house, together with the projects that I have not yet finished. I am currently making cushions, quilted, appliqued, stencilled... actually just anything that I will enjoy crafting.

Copyright © 2010 - 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Ros Coffey of RosMadeMe Blog .

Please visit her RosMadeMe blog at .

Canned Sunflowers and Bow Set Free Pattern From Brenda Greenwalt of Lillie Mae's Crafts

I thought you'd all like to know that Brenda Greenwalt has some a wonderful free pattern on her Lillie Mae's Crafts blog and Lillie Mae's Crafts website for making a hanging canned sunflowers and bow set that I think you will enjoy making.

Canned Sunflowers and Bow Set

Copyright © 2008-2009 - All Rights Reserved - Brenda Greenwalt of Lillie Mae's Crafts.

CLICK HERE or on the picture above for the instructions and pattern.

Please respect Brenda's TERMS OF USE: All of my craft patterns are copyrighted. You may create a reasonable amount of items from my patterns for craft fairs, bazaars, craft malls, and auctions as long as you give Lillie Mae's Crafts credit for the design. You MAY NOT mass produce items from my patterns. Copying for any reason at all is strictly prohibited. You DO NOT have permission to alter them in any way. No wholesaling of items made from my patterns. My patterns are not to be shared or redistributed in any form without my express permission. If you have any questions, please ask before you purchase. Feel free to e-mail me at

Copyright © 2008 - 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Brenda Greenwalt of Lillie Mae's Crafts.

Please visit Brenda's Lillie Mae's Crafts blog at and her Lillie Mae's Crafts website at .

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Victorian Cut and Sew Hand Embroidered and Embellished Dress Ornaments E-Book Tutorials by Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

In my Linda's Blog post entitled "Victorian Hand Embroidered and Embellished Dress Ornaments Finished On Both Sides Set #1 and #2" I told you about the Victorian cut and sew doll dresses that I had spent the last few weeks blissfully hand embroidering and embellishing.

I also told you that I had decided that while I was creating each of them I would create Linda's How-Do-I? E-Book tutorials for each to show you how to hand embroider and embellish them yourself and that the e-book tutorials would be available on the  Free Victorian Doll & Craft E-Patterns & E-Books page of my Victorian Dolls, Victorian Traditions, The Victorian Era and Me Blog and viewable on Google Drive.

I'm happy to tell you that all of my Victorian Cut and Sew Dress Ornaments E-Book Tutorials are now available on my Free E-Patterns, E-Printables and E-Books page and viewable on Google Drive.  Just click the links below:

I paired the blue, purple, pink, yellow, and black dresses and created a combined two dress tutorial for each of the colors as well as separate tutorials for each of the dresses. That way you can choose which free e-book tutorials you want to view and/or download.

I've broken the six Victorian Christmas dresses into two groups, as shown above, but each Christmas dress has its' own tutorial e-book.

I hope you enjoy my free Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Victorian Cut and Sew Dress Ornaments E-Book Tutorials.

For more information on all my free e-patterns, e-printables and e-books please CLICK HERE.

Please respect My Terms of Use:  All patterns, e-patterns, printables, e-printables, e-books, graphics, tutorials, how-to's, articles and other e-products © 2004-2018 Linda Walsh Originals-Designs by Linda Walsh. All rights reserved. Commercial selling or reselling by any means prohibited without the written consent of Linda Walsh.

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