Saturday, April 30, 2016

How I Created My Large Silk Floral Arrangement Tutorial & Free E-Book by Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

I just love decorating my home with large silk floral arrangements and have made several large arrangements for the various seasons and holidays to decorate the right hand side of my dining room fireplace which is 41" by 48".    It's a large area to cover so it requires a large floral arrangement to fill it up.

I was unhappy with the floral arrangement I had made several years ago to cover the spring and summer seasons and wanted to change it.  I wanted the colors to be bright and cheery and already had several dark blue, light blue, burgundy, and white silk floral I was going to re-use.


I decided that I needed to add pink, royal blue and some other whites to the mix so last weekend I bought several 3' to 4' silk floral stems I thought might be suitable.


For my large silk floral I like to add large silk floral grass stems, pussy willow stems, silk eucalyptus leaves stems, and white reed stems as filler.