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How To Create Fabric "Prim" Sunflowers by Denise Bailey

I just love the Fall and thought you might like to see a tutorial by Denise Bailey that we published in October 2007 for creating a wonderful primitive sunflower decoration that would be perfect for the Fall. Enjoy!

How To Create Fabric "Prim" Sunflowers by Denise Bailey
Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Denise Bailey

Materials needed:
Mark B Gone pen
upholstery thread
1 small coffee can plastic lid
1 lid from pringles can or similar size
coffee stain*
cookie sheet & foil
polyester filling

*Coffee Stain
3 Tablespoons instant coffee to 1 cup hot water
2 Tablespoons vanilla
note : for grungy sunflowers add approx. 1/4 cup or more of cinnamon. Mix and let sit. After a short while the cinnamon will form a 'sludge' on the bottom of your pan. This sludge is what you apply to get the grungy dirty look.

With your Mark B Gone pen, trace out 4 large circles using the larger plastic lid as your template. Trace 1 small circle with the smaller plastic lid.

Using the tracing line as your cutting line, cut out all circles.

Place the 4 larger circles on top of each other. Center the small circle over these and pin in place.

Thread needle with upholstery thread, knot and come up under the small circle to hide the knot. Begin basting the small circle, being sure to go through all layers of muslin. Leave about a one inch opening to insert polyester fill.

Stuff lightly with polyester fill as shown in photo.

Stitch opening closed.

With scissors, cut from outer edge of larger circles just to the beginning of the small circle, being careful not to cut through it.

Continue cutting all the way around circle.

Emerge sunflower into coffee stain, being sure to flip so both sides are soaked through. Let sit a minute or two.

Take sunflower out of stain, squeeze excess moisture out and place on foil on cookie sheet.

Place cookie sheet in low oven (about 200 degrees ) to dry. Turning often so sunflower won't burn. When dry remove.

Start pulling apart the 4 layers of 'petals'

To finish:
You can leave sunflower as is, or you can grubby it up by painting on the sludge and more coffee stain and returning to oven to dry.

You can paint the puffed up inner circle with a brown paint. When dried, dry brush the edge with black paint. I added some orange and gold to this one as well.

For variety, instead of a muslin center, use homespun.

This is a sunflower & crows cheesebox light I made with my sunflowers.

To make a larger sunflower you can use dinner and dessert plates as your template like I did for this sunflower nodder.

Please respect Denise's TERMS OF USE:  All of my own craft photos,doodles, tutorials & patterns are copyrighted to me © Denise Bailey - KKL Primitives - The Krazy Kraft Lady. All rights reserved.  You may not use my photos without written permission nor copy / reprint my posts without my written consent. Patterns are given freely, you may not sell them or offer them for download. You may sell your finished items as you wish. Credit for design is © Denise Bailey-KKL Primitives. Thank you!

Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Denise Bailey (aka NeeNee) who is a 54 year old mom & grandma who has been crafting for over 34 years for myself and family but only in the last 2 years have been actively crafting for profit via craft shows, eBay and an EZshoppe. My 'specialties' are primitives, country and folkart creations.I also love to create graphics. I was interested in drawing since I was very young, taking art classes all through high school. I always thought I'd go to an art school after graduation, but instead I got married and started a family. Six years ago, I purchased my first computer, and found PSP. I've been hooked since and have taught myself to make my own graphics using PSP's vector & nodes tool. My website is: KKL Primitives -  My Blogs are: The Krazy Kraft Lady - and Menopausal Monster -


  1. WONDERFUL Tutorial!
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I have seen these and wondered how they were made. Can't wait to try one!

  3. You're very welcome Vicky and Jackie. Enjoy.

  4. Your instructions and great pictures are just what I need to create decorations for fall. Thank you.

  5. I absolutely love this!!!