Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coffee Filter Album - Free Tutorial by Romona King of Northbrook Designs

I thought you might all like to know that Romona King of Northbrook Designs has created another wonderful  tutorial on her Northbrook Designs blog showing you how to create a coffee filter album.

Coffee Filter Album
© 2011 by Romona King of Northbrook Designs

If you'd like to download Romona's tutorial please click on the picture above or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Here's what Romona had to say about her tutorial:

This tutorial is yours to get inspired with. Please use it to create your own creative album and all I ask is that you tell others where you got this to give me credit for my efforts.

My thanks to Meeri who first showed me what a coffee filter album is.

Before starting, you may just want to read this on your computer rather than print it. Throughout the tutorial I used a lot of colour illustrations from my own album and that will take a fair bit of ink to print.

To make these albums, you don’t need to been overly artistic or have a big set of skills, but what you do need is the desire to open up your creative mind and let your muse help you. A lot of time we get caught up in thinking we can’t make something like another person or do it as well or any number of thoughts. Remember, everyone starts at the beginning as well and just did what we all have to do to improve our abilities. Practice, experiment, and repeat many times.

Enjoy the process of making your album and try not to get too hung up on details. Let go of the rules you think exist about what is supposed to match with what, IE: does this lace look right, what about these pictures or colours. Forget that, just relax and play. That’s what kids do, don’t take yourself too seriously. The only thing to decide on before you start is, do you want this album to have a theme. If so you will have to collect your papers etc. based on that theme.

Please respect Romona's Terms of Use - Feel free to share this tutorial, but please remember to give me credit for the information contained here.

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Romona King of Northbrook Designs. Romona is a crafter, doll maker, painter, needlework artist, and mixed media artist. You can visit her Northbrook Designs blog online at You can also visit her Northbrook Designs shop at

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