Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Gnarly Tree Free Tutorial by Romona King of Northbrook Designs

I thought you might all like to know that Romona King of Northbrook Designs has created a wonderful FREE .pdf tutorial on her Northbrook Designs blog showing you how to create a gnarly tree.  Makes a great decoration for Halloween.

A Gnarly Tree
© 2011 by Romona King of Northbrook Designs

If you'd like to download Romona's tutorial please click on the picture above or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Here's what Romona had to say about her tutorial:

This tutorial came about unexpectedly. In a last minute decision to make some Halloween ornaments I realized I didn't have any kind of a display to hang them on. I have a glittery tree and I have a dress form prop, but not very Halloween oriented at all. So a tree was created out of necessity. The supply list is short and the steps are so easy, they just require you to not take this or any of the tutorials I write, very seriously. Play with the ideas and just let your own creativity show through, all I ask is that you let anyone who asks, know where they can find this tutorial so that at the very least you give me credit for implanting some ideas. So let’s get started.

Please respect Romona's Terms of Use - Feel free to share this tutorial, but please remember to give me credit for the information contained here.

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Romona King of Northbrook Designs. Romona is a crafter, doll maker, painter, needlework artist, and mixed media artist. You can visit her Northbrook Designs blog online at You can also visit her Northbrook Designs shop at

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