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Free Utility Table Runner How-To Tutorial by Sylvia of "Pieces From My Scrapbag" Blog

Utility Table Runner Tutorial

This is a utility table runner, that uses 3 fabrics plus about a half yard for the backing. It's a quick and easy one, looks good done up in "guy" fabrics if you are doing it for a son or father or uncle. The fabric needs are minimal, using about 14" of 3 different fabrics. If you want one of them for a border or binding (which is what I did) you need more. This one is made from scraps left from my Christmas table cloth quilt. The big quilt goes on the couch and this runner on the coffee table with a pillar candle on it. It's NOT a raving beauty, but a sturdy little pony type that just keeps going and going. This one is already 12 years old and going strong.

Start with 3 contrasting fabrics. You need a LIGHT, MEDIUM and a DARK. Although you see it works with red and green as long as they contrast. You need at least 14" of each fabric X ***14-15" wide*** WOF (width of fabric)***YOU do NOT need WOF unless you want a bigger runner or more sections to play with***.This amount will make a runner that is 16" X 20" without borders. If you want larger, you'll need to make additional sections.


Dark: cut 1 4.5" strip, 2 3.5" strips,and 3 2.5" strips. Stack separately. Then from the Medium: cut 6 2.5" strips. From the Light: cut 1 4.5" strip, 3 2.5" strips and 2 1.5" strips. Now you've got 9 little piles of strips *VBS* Keep them separated, they tend to fight.

That's it for the cutting. Keep in mind you might want one of these fabrics for the ends (borders)or binding.

Table Runner Project ~ Part 2

Here are the fabrics I've chosen for this runner. The green plaid is possible border on the ends and binding. Correction to my previous post: When cutting, your fabric doesn't need to be WOF(my mistake)This really is a modest fabric requirement project. You only need about 14-15" wide as well as high. So FQ's would work fine..sorry about that. What you'd get from more sewn is the ability to make the runner bigger by making more sub-sections. I'm going to.

Here are my strips...all cut and ready to sew.

This is SECTION #1. Label as such. Sew 1 3.5" dark to 1 4.5" light. Add 1 more 3.5" dark. Press to dark. Set aside labeled #1.

Section #2: Sew 1 medium 2.5" strip to 1 2.5" dark, add 1 2.5" light, and then add 1 2.5" dark again. Finish up with a 2.5" medium. Press to the dark. Label #2 and set aside.

I'll be back with sections #3 and #4. If you are anxious to do more before I get back here, I can tell you that EACH SECTION will get sub-divided into EIGHT(8) 1.5" strips. Be sure to keep the section label attached to the 1.5" strips you cut from the long sections. Isn't this fun?? And fast!

Table Runner Project ~ Part 3

This is Section #3. Make it by sewing: 1 1.5" light to 1 2.5" medium. Add the 4.5" dark strip, followed by a 2.5" medium and then a 1.5" light. Press to dark. Label as section #3. Set aside.

Section #4. Zipping right along, sew 1 2.5" light to 1 2.5" medium. Add 1 2.5" dark, 1 2.5" medium, and finish up with 1 2.5" light. Section #4 is now complete. Press to dark. Label as section #4. Set aside and get ready to SUB-DIVIDE !

The mini-mystery directions call for cutting each section into EIGHT(8) sub-sections of 1.5" each. That is what is pictured in the table runner I showed. Today, because I screwed up and sewed the full WOF, I'm going to cut mine in 2" sub-sections. It will be larger than the 16" X 20" original pattern. It's a good chance for me to see how much bigger, etc.

Now, if you are zipping along, and you have ALL your sub-sections of 8 1.5" strips cut, you can start joining them up *VBS* You are going to be making EIGHT(8) sets of strips. Taking one from each WELL LABELED pile, join a #1 to a #2, then add a #3, and finally a #4. This is now one subsection. It should be approx. 4" X 10"...not sure if that includes the seam allowance or is the finished measurement...I have it written on the pattern in pencil. Just a reference point as to size.

If you've gotten this far, hopefully you are TIRED, or have to make supper or pick up the kids and I will have time to sub-cut mine and get back to you.

Once you've got your 8 sections made and pressed don't do anything but play around with them...LOL I'll give you the final directions in my next post, as to which sides you sew together. Or if you are as clever as me, and as good at ignoring directions, please go ahead and "just do it"...*VBS*

Table Runner Project ~ Part 4

Sew, sew, sew...such a busy day! Here is one of my completed sub-sections. I have all 8 of them made, pressed and the edges straightened up.

Here are 4 of them placed as they would go in the table runner. Join the side with the biggest light(#1 section) to the same side of another unit. You'll get 4 pairs of them that you then join to another unit on the long side. Now you've got 2 units of 4 each. Join those 2 together and you have the bulk of the table runner. Add a border strip (any width that suits you, I usually use a 4.5" piece. Whether or not you choose to add one on all 4 sides is up to you. I like it with just 2. Layer and quilt as desired. Bind if you like, or do a pillowcase turn to avoid binding.

** Because mine sub-sections were cut at 2", you can see more of each fabric I used. Varying the width of the sub-section is up to you. But sewing WOF(even by mistake) enables me to get more than one runner(if I cut at 1.5", or make a bigger one.

This is so fast and easy you certainly can play around with it. I'll show you my 'put together' table runner tomorrow. Thanks for sewing along with me *VBS*

**Found the camera!**Right where I left it *VBS* So here's the picture of MY table runner sewn together. I cut my sub sections at 2", rather than the 1.5" in the I have a bigger runner. It's 20" X 24".I will be adding a border strip to each end..probably a 4.5" strip, and not the green plaid I had thought I might use. It's just too different.

Just for the heck of it, here is a picture of an 'everyday' runner I use under my sewing machine so it doesn't slip on the table surface. Again, it's about 12 yrs old and going strong.

And this is one of the original ones I made 12 years ago...nice that they don't take much yardage to make up.

Please respect Sylvia's TERMS OF USE: You may make the table runner for personal use or sell for a small personal profit. You may also use my tutorial version to teach a FREE class. Paid classes are prohibited. You may not copy, reprint, email, or redistribute my tutorial version in any manner without my permission.

Original Quilting Pattern Designer - Unknown.

Tutorial Version Created and Written by Sylvia of Pieces From My Scrapbag blog. Sylvia is an experienced quilter who has been quilting for over 30 years. Please visit Sylvia's Pieces From My Scrapbag blog at .

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