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Duke Kingsley, Mutant Alley Cat Free Pattern by Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties

I thought you might all like to know that Lisa Bunting Thoms of  Q.D. Patooties  has another wonderful pattern to share. I just love Lisa's creations and "Duke Kingsley" is just the cutest.

Duke Kingsley, Mutant Alley Cat
Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Reserved - Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties 

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Here's the instructions and what Lisa had to say about Duke Kingsley:  He's not such a tough guy. Really. He's just a softie. Especially when it comes to his mom. Duke Kingsley was a normal but homeless cat that happens to live in an alley right next to a high end cosmetics factory that disposes of their "toxic" waste products in "his" dumpsters on a nightly basis. While thinking it quite nervy, he really enjoyed sampling their discarded products which has helped him retain his youthful appearance, his sparkling white teeth and a radiant glow that he's not really sure but it may be harmful. It's hard maintaining a tough guy image when your arms have mutated into a colorful display of the company's new spring line and you've got a heart tattoo that says "MoM." But enough about Duke. Now let's talk about his pattern.

You can make your own Duke Kingsley with the free pattern above.  
I've tried to include all my little "tips" on the pattern including eye placement, arm placement, etc.  All you need to do is to click on the pattern. After you click, the pattern will enlarge. Then, just right click and "Save Image As" to save it to your computer.

Then, open it up in your graphics package and print it out. That way, you can adjust the size because you may want to make a smaller version. I just noticed too that you will need to leave an opening in your arm to stuff it or you can just make a slit in the fold and stuff it that way when you are done sewing. I pinned my mouth insert on the wrong side of the fabric and then turned it over sewing around the mouth opening to secure it. Then, I pinned the back pieces together and sewed them leaving an opening for stuffing. Next, I pinned the back and front together and sewed them up. I turned my body inside out, clipped the curves, inserted the eyes, stuffed the body and sewed it up. I added my arms and a great big smile, some patches behind his eyes and some extra embroidery for the teeth. Finally, a mutant alley cat was born!

Have fun and enjoy the free pattern!

P.S. I used a sock for my arms that had a heart on it (that's where I got the idea for the "tattoo") and Suncatcher Painted Eyes, size 18mm. You don't have to use socks if you don't want to but those Suncatcher's look awesome, don't they?

Please respect Lisa's TERMS OF USE:  My FREE tutorials, patterns, and how-to's are for personal use only and are not not intended for commercial use. They may not be copied, reprinted, emailed, or reproduced and distributed in any manner without my permission.

Lisa's Bio: Lisa is a professional teddy bear artist selling heirloom quality collectible bears to Adults and has been making bears professionally since November 1997. Her creations have been nominated for several Awards including the TITA, Teddy Bear Scene Reader's Choice Awards and the Ace Awards. They've also been included on a regular basis in many of the major doll and crafts magazines.

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