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How To Make A Mini Fabric Wreath Tutorial by Lynda of A Prim On A Whim Blog

Lynda of A Prim On A Whim blog and Marcella-Mia has an adorable tutorial for braiding a mini fabric wreath that I think you'll love.

How To Make A Mini Fabric Wreath

You know when you are sewing, there is always a bin of scraps you throw away. Well don't thow those away anymore. Now you can make the cutest mini fabric wreath with next to nothing scraps of fabric and my Scrap Happy ideas.

Make a mini autumn wreath out of fabric scraps.

Another Scrap Happy project from Whimsical Prims.

Gather your fabric scraps and sort into colours you want for your wreath.

Now trim your scraps into strips, doesn’t matter what length or widths if they vary a little.

If your strips are short, join together with a little hot glue.

You need three strips per wreath.

To start your wreath, hot glue the ends of three strips.

Start plaiting until your plait is as long as you want.

Form a circle and hot glue the ends to seal plait and trim off excess fabric.

The larger your circle, the wider you should make your strips.

Sew or hot glue embellishments onto wreath. Attach a string to hang.

Its sooo easy with a Scrap Happy projects

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