Saturday, December 08, 2012

Recycled Pillow Case into Hand Stamped Ribbon Tutorial By Thespoena McLaughlin of Vintiquities Workshop

Have you ever thought of taking old pillowcases and creating hand stamped ribbons? Well, Thespa McLaughlin has and she shows you how to do this on her of Vintiquities Workshop. What a great idea for recycling old pillowcases!

Recycled Pillow Case into Hand Stamped Ribbon Tutorial

Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Thespoena McLaughlin of Vintiquities Workshop.

Here's what Thespa had to say about her tutorial:  This is a quick and easy tutorial that shows you how to make hand stamped ribbon out of an old pillowcase.

I buy old pillowcases for their decorative crochet trim and for their embroidered designs to use in my mixed media stitched projects. I'm left with the rest of the pillowcase that happens to be perfect for stamping on because of the tight weave of the fabric.

Please respect Thespa's TERM OF USE: My patterns & tutorials are for personal use ONLY. Not for resale. If you want to share it online please give full credit complete with a link to Vintiquities Workshop at .

Thespa's Bio: I am a mixed media artist living with my family in the Ozarks. I love aged turquoise, faded cream, and lots of romantic layers. I dig rusty things and found objects and frequently use them in my art.

Copyright © 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Thespoena McLaughlin of Vintiquities Workshop.

Please visit her Vintiquities Workshop at  You can also follow her on Pinterest here.

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