Sunday, December 02, 2012

How To Make A Tie Tutorial By Alma Stoller

Do you love wearing ties? How you always wanted top make one of your own? Well, Alma Stoller has a wonderful tutorial on her Alma Stoller blog showing you how. Enjoy.

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Here's what Alma had to say about her tutorial:  I heart ties, but I have yet to find a cool one that actually fits. Men's ties are either too wide, too long or too 'ugh'. Boy's ties are too short and the fabric is always too 'blah'. It is never small enough, long enough, pretty or flattering enough. Traditional tie making is a total drag. You have to cut one length on the bias and the other length on the grain of the fabric. Then you have to cut interfacing and the lining. By the time I was done cutting, I couldn't tell what was what. So, here is a colorful and easy alternative. I know I am not the only one out there dying to get her tie fix on. So for all you tie-loving gals out there. This one is for you. Make it and Rock it. Any color, any size, any design you want.

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