Sunday, December 02, 2012

Formica Chip Ornament Tutorial By June Crawford of A Creative Dream

Are you looking for an adorable ornament for your tree this year? Or to give as a gift to a co-worker?  If you are then check out the Formica Chip Ornament tutorial June Crawford has on her A Creative Dream  blog.

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written by June Crawford of A Creative Dream

Here's what June had to say about her tutorial:   A Little Holiday Cheer... Folks around the office are complaining about how there is no holiday cheer in the building. So, me being me, I thought...ok, why not spread a tad of cheer. Since everyone in our building actually celebrates Christmas, I thought..."Hey, why not Secret Elves spreading Random Acts of Holiday Cheer?". Imagine something like a "Secret Santa" sort of thing, where everyone is assigned a person from those participating to share random acts of cheer with. ...I would have gone with the Secret Santa, but I really prefer to think of myself as a cute little elf...rather than a rotund one. So...two weeks ago I posted a flyer, and stuck one in every mail box in the office encouraging people to participate. Tomorrow is the deadline for signing up.

As of Friday, when I left at the end of the day...counting myself and the two other girls that originally thought it was a great idea...a total of six are participating.  I think I have discovered why people are complaining about no holiday cheer.

Since so few are participating, and since I expect that very few more will be joining in, I decided that I would begin the spreading of random acts of holiday cheer when I assign everyone their victim. Besides, it would give me the chance to try something that I'd been wanting to for a while now. Off I go to my local home improvement store and their counter top samples. You know the ones I am talking about? The are in the kitchen area...they are small tiles of laminate with a hole punched in them so they can hang. Great for using to make small, very simple, ornaments.

Please respect June's TERMS OF USE:  Please note, in regard to the copyright, all of the directions and photographs in my tutorials are mine, you may not copy or reproduce them without my consent. These instructions are for you to use for PERSONAL use only, not for profit..

June's Bio:  Me... a dreamer, a ponderer of big and small thoughts. A wanna-be artist, a soon to be empty-nester... wondering what the heck I am gonna do with the rest of my life...

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - June Crawford of A Creative Dream.

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