Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Book Tutorial By June Crawford of A Creative Dream

Have you ever wanted to make a journal or book, but didn't know how? Well, if you have then you'll be happy to know that June Crawford has a wonderful tutorial on her A Creative Dream blog showing you how to make a book. Have fun!

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Here's what June had to say about her tutorial:  I am soooooo OVER this... Ok folks, I feel like I am always bitching...but I gotta tell ya...I really am SO OVER THIS...this was the view in my neighborhood Tuesday morning just a bit before 6:00 am. Snowing like the dickens...and, there's ice under that snow too. The city of Lexington had declared a snow emergency Monday evening...and work was going to begin on a two hour delay. I just couldn't face it. I called in and took a vacation day.

What better time to play with things I love the most? Ok, a couple of things I love the most...I've bunches of paper sitting around here, large, huge sheets of watercolor paper. I am not someone who plays well with watercolors, they are something I simply have not mastered...or come close this point, but I do love the paper. Of course, if you read this blog you know I have a thing about paper...I'm not sure why, but I really have a thing about paper. I adore's a bizarre love affair really. I adore it, love the potential of what will come to be on it, and yet, I have shelf after shelf of blank books. Another thing I have "something" about...books, especially journaling sort of books. And, I have wanted to work on this coptic binding thing...Seemed like the perfect time to make another book.

Please respect June's TERMS OF USE:  Please note, in regard to the copyright, all of the directions and photographs in my tutorials are mine, you may not copy or reproduce them without my consent. These instructions are for you to use for PERSONAL use only, not for profit.

June's Bio:  Me... a dreamer, a ponderer of big and small thoughts. A wanna-be artist, a soon to be empty-nester... wondering what the heck I am gonna do with the rest of my life...

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