Friday, November 23, 2012

Stripped Bare for Christmas Action - More Quilted Tree Decs Tutorial by Ros Coffey of RosMadeMe Blog

I just love quilted ornaments? Don't you? If you do you'll be pleased to know that Ros Coffey has a tutorial on her RosMadeMe Blog blog showing you how to make some adorable quilted ornaments.

Stripped Bare for Christmas Action - More Quilted Tree Decs Tutorial

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Here's what Ros had to say about her tutorial:  Back in July we made a cushion to celebrate the Fourth of July, so using the same technique we are going to create some more great quilted decorations to fill your tree. Yet again we are going to raid the pastry cutter tin to find great shapes to use on the tree, you can use hearts, stockings, hearts, mittens, hearts, parcels and did I mention hearts? This is another great way of using up scrap strips to create effective tree decs, so let's hit your Christmas stash of fabrics and get started.

Ros's Bio:I live by the sea, in Essex, in Leigh-on-sea. I have been making things since I was a child, earliest memories were embroidering squares of binca matting, making felt egg cups and ripping back my knitting when my sister had picked up a dropped stitch... yep, it really did have to be all my own work! I am a dreadful hoarder, with stashes of wool and fabric hidden around my house, together with the projects that I have not yet finished. I am currently making cushions, quilted, appliqued, stencilled... actually just anything that I will enjoy crafting.

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