Monday, November 26, 2012

Crochety Old Bag - A Tutorial For A Ruffly Crochet Handbag By Ros Coffey of RosMadeMe Blog

I know that I've mentioned that I can't crochet to save my soul. I wish I could because I'd love to try making the Crochety Old Bag that Ros Coffey has on her RosMadeMe Blog blog showing.  How adorable is that? If you can crochet - have a delightful time making your crochet handbag.

Crochety Old Bag - A tutorial For A Ruffly Crochet Handbag

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Here's what Ros had to say about her tutorial:  Did you notice how many people have taken up crochet recently, even my guest, Susie blogged about it? So before the bandwagon drives off, here is a little something that I have created for you to make. And if you don't believe me take a look at Handmade Monday on Wendy's wonderful site and see who else has been bitten by the bug.

Ros's Bio:I live by the sea, in Essex, in Leigh-on-sea. I have been making things since I was a child, earliest memories were embroidering squares of binca matting, making felt egg cups and ripping back my knitting when my sister had picked up a dropped stitch... yep, it really did have to be all my own work! I am a dreadful hoarder, with stashes of wool and fabric hidden around my house, together with the projects that I have not yet finished. I am currently making cushions, quilted, appliqued, stencilled... actually just anything that I will enjoy crafting.

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