Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Make A Pocketed Placemat Tutorial By Lisa Jordan of Lil Fish Studios

Wouldn't it be great if your placemats had pockets and were handmade with the help of your kids or grandkids. Think how special they would be. If you're wondering about this then check out the "How To Make A Pocketed Placemat" tutorial that Lisa Jordan has on her Lil Fish Studios blog. Have fun with the kids or grandkids.

How To Make A Pocketed Placemat

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Lisa Jordan of  Lil Fish Studios.

Here's what Lisa had to say about her tutorial:  It has been a while since I've spent time crafting for myself. I decided to change that this week and do something with the canvas dropcloth I've been tripping over in my workshop. I love the almost linen-like look of the untreated canvas and decided to use it on my tabletop. A few cuts, a few stitches, and some collaboration with my little ones and I had myself some placemats.

Please respect Lisa's TERMS OF USE:  When sharing my tutorials, photos, or content, please link back to my Lil Fish Studios blog @ and give proper attribution. It's just the right thing to do.

Lisa's Bio:Living under the poplar and pine in rural Minnesota I find inspiration in the nature that surrounds me. I'm especially drawn to mushrooms, moss, and the oddly lumpy and beautifully textural bits found on the forest floor.

I'm especially enthralled with wool and wood. Sustainability is important to me and is reflected in the materials and processes I use.

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