Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Voile Scarf Free Tutorial By Ros Mirrington of Bloom Blog

Have you always wanted to make a pretty scarf? Especially a voile scarf?  If you have then you'll be pleased to know that Ros Mirrington of Bloom blog has written another wonderful tutorial on making a voile scarf. It's just so pretty to look at.  I hope you enjoy Ros's tutorial.

Voile Scarf Tutorial

Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Ros Mirrington of Bloom blog.

Here's what Ros had to say about her tutorial: This light scarf is made from Anna Maria Horner's 'Little Folks' voile. To achieve a similar look, you will need very sheer, soft fabric. I have used a print on one side of the scarf, and a plain white voile on the other side.

Ros's Terms of Use:  These designs are free. Please link back to my designs if you use them and feel free to add photos to my 'Made with Bloom' Flickr group.  Please do not use these tutorials for commercial purposes.

Ros's Blog Bio - A friend recently asked me which I could give up more easily, gardening or stitching. An impossible question. Of course, the suggestion that I could give up either is preposterous! If you are similarly enamored with blooms, whether they be real or stitched, welcome to my blog!

Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - Written by  Ros Mirrington of Bloom blog. Ros is an avid gardener, crafter, photographer, quilter, handbag designer, embroiderer, stitcher, crazy quilter, and seamstress.

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