Friday, August 10, 2012

French Tags Free Tutorial By Carol Daisy of Embroideries From Daisy's Garden

I just LOVE beautiful tags to decorate my handmade gifts so I was thrilled to see that Carol Daisy had a wonderful tutorial on her Create-Enhance blog showing you how to create a French Tag.  I'm definitely going to be making some of these.

Copyright © 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Carol Daisy of Embroideries From Daisy's Garden.

Here's what Carol had to say about her tutorial: These are a just great for gift giving. Do you have hidden away in your sewing stash pieces of lace that are just too small to put to use, but you cannot bear to part with them. This is a way to have it on show. I like so many of you would have seen examples of these tags on many Blogging Posts and Etsy stores. Some are done on card gluing or stitching the layers down and others as a Mixed Media or Shabby Chic.

This is my version, more as a sewn item with the seams covered.

Please respect Carol's TERMS OF USE:  The patterns and designs are available for your private use only & remain the copyright of "Embroideries from Daisy's Garden". Ribbon Embroidery Supplies are available from our Website " Embroideries From Daisy's Garden."

Carol's Bio: My life is at the stage that I can indulge in my interests of Embroidery and Crafts. Ribbons,beads,threads, laces and trims all have a special place here in my studio. 

My childhood was spent on the family dairy farm in Toowoomba, Queensland. When I was about 12 years old, my Grandmother (nicknamed Daisy – hence the name Daisy’s Garden) introduced me to the joys of needlework. I am so thankful to her for giving me a skill that I could enjoy and build upon for life. After the chores were done, whenever I had some spare time, I would sit quietly on the front porch and stitch away. I remember these times so fondly. When I retired, and finally had some time to myself, I had the desire to do embroidery again. I didn’t get far with the fancy work tablecloth however, once I discovered Silk Ribbon Embroidery, I became addicted!

Copyright © 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Carol Daisy of Embroideries From Daisy's Garden.

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