Saturday, August 11, 2012

Embroidered Mobile Pouch Free Pattern By Carol Daisy of Embroideries From Daisy's Garden

I just LOVE crazy quilt creations so I was thrilled to see that Carol Daisy had a wonderful tutorial on her Create-Enhance blog showing you how to create an Embroidered Mobile Pouch.  I'm definitely going to make one of these.

Please Note:  Unfortunately Carol's free pattern is no longer available.

Embroidered Mobile Pouch Pattern

Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Carol Daisy of Embroideries From Daisy's Garden.

Here's what Carol had to say about her tutorial: A quick project, for embellishing with Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Dyed Laces, Threads and Beads. Whatever you can find in your stash. I use a Satin Transfer for the main feature. This helps with coordinating the fabrics and ribbons etc. Just about everyone has a Mobile Phone these days and having a pretty pouch to keep it in, is a bonus. This Pattern is a simple one, with limited Embroidery. However, there is so much more that you can add.

Please respect Carol's TERMS OF USE:  The patterns and designs are available for your private use only & remain the copyright of "Embroideries from Daisy's Garden". Ribbon Embroidery Supplies are available from our Website " Embroideries From Daisy's Garden."

Carol's Bio: My life is at the stage that I can indulge in my interests of Embroidery and Crafts. Ribbons,beads,threads, laces and trims all have a special place here in my studio. 

My childhood was spent on the family dairy farm in Toowoomba, Queensland. When I was about 12 years old, my Grandmother (nicknamed Daisy – hence the name Daisy’s Garden) introduced me to the joys of needlework. I am so thankful to her for giving me a skill that I could enjoy and build upon for life. After the chores were done, whenever I had some spare time, I would sit quietly on the front porch and stitch away. I remember these times so fondly. When I retired, and finally had some time to myself, I had the desire to do embroidery again. I didn’t get far with the fancy work tablecloth however, once I discovered Silk Ribbon Embroidery, I became addicted!

Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - Carol Daisy of Embroideries From Daisy's Garden.

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