Saturday, August 11, 2012

Art Doll Free Tutorial By June Crawford of A Creative Dream

I just LOVE art dolls, especially mixed media art dolls so I was thrilled to see that June Crawford had a wonderful 6-part tutorial on her A Creative Dream blog showing you how to make an art doll. She's just adorable.  I can hardly wait to try my hand at making her.

Please Note: Unfortunately June's free e-pattern is no longer available.

Art Doll Tutorial 

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here
Part 3 is here
Part 4 is here
Part 5 is here
Part 6 is here 

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Written by June Crawford of A Creative Dream

Here's what June had to say about her tutorial:  So, a couple of weeks ago...  I told you I was working on a couple more of the art dolls like the "Ode to Kate", and I have been. One of the nice folks over on Craftsy asked if I had a tutorial for the original, and, while I don't, now I have one for a similar doll, and, of course, I'm going to share.

So... if you want to make your own art doll, similar to the "Ode to Kate", here it is!

Please respect June's TERMS OF USE:  Please note, in regard to the copyright, all of the directions and photographs in my tutorials are mine, you may not copy or reproduce them without my consent. These instructions are for you to use for PERSONAL use only, not for profit.

June's Bio:  Me... a dreamer, a ponderer of big and small thoughts. A wanna-be artist, a soon to be empty-nester... wondering what the heck I am gonna do with the rest of my life...

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - June Crawford of A Creative Dream.

Please visit  her A Creative Dream blog at Her A Creative Dream Flickr page is at .

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