Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Fabric Wall Decals Free Tutorial by Jessica Jones

Have you ever wanted to do something a little different with you pictures? I know I have so I was pleased to find that Jessica Jones had a tutorial showing you how to make DIY Fabric Wall Decals. Cute idea.

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Here's what Jessica had to say about her tutorial: More fun with fabric stiffener. Here's how to make some easy fabric picture frames for your wall. Or cut out anything your heart desires: silhouettes of your family, animal shapes for the nursery, lettering, ornate designs, party decorations... the world is your oyster. Hey, maybe consider doing an oyster.

I'd heard of people ironing starched fabric to walls and wanted to try it out. Sure enough, I was able to stick my stiffened fabric to the wall with an iron and remove it without harming my paint job. This is super for renters, indecisive decorators, or easily bored people. Note that if your wall is really rough, you'll probably have a hard time making these stick. Also for what it's worth, my walls are painted with flat latex paint.

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