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Felted Candy Cane Ornament How-To by Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties

If you like working with wool felt and roving  and love ornaments then you'll be happy to know that Lisa Bunting Thoms of  Q.D. Patooties  has a wonderful wool felt and roving holiday project to share.  I hope you enjoy making her " Felted Candy Cane Ornament."

Felted Candy Cane Ornament
Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties

Here's the instructions and what Lisa had to say about her Felted Candy Cane Ornament:
Wool Roving in Red and White (you can buy this from Marr Haven Wool or
18 Gauge Cloth Covered Floral Wire (really even a Pipe Cleaner would do for this project)
36T Felting Needle (again Marr Haven Wool
Felting Foam Block
Spray Adhesive
Clear Glitter
Ribbon to Hang it on the Tree

Start by wrapping your white wool roving around your floral wire (see Figure 1). Gently felt the roving as you go along and I say gently because if you hit the wire too hard with your needle you could break the needle. Once you have covered the wire with the white wool roving, you can bend it into the shape of a cane (see Figure 2). Then start wrapping your white cane with the red roving gently felting as you go along as you did with the white roving (see Figure 3). Once you've applied your red wool roving, it will look like a Candy Cane! Finally, you can spray your Candy Cane lightly with some Spray Adhesive and decorate it with a little clear glitter. Add a ribbon and then hang it on the tree or just loop the arch of the cane on the tree to hang it.

These are fun, easy to make and look good enough to eat! Enjoy!

Please respect Lisa's TERMS OF USE:  My FREE tutorials, patterns, and how-to's are for personal use only and are not not intended for commercial use. They may not be copied, reprinted, emailed, or reproduced and distributed in any manner without my permission.

Lisa's Bio: Lisa is a professional teddy bear artist selling heirloom quality collectible bears to Adults and has been making bears professionally since November 1997. Her creations have been nominated for several Awards including the TITA, Teddy Bear Scene Reader's Choice Awards and the Ace Awards. They've also been included on a regular basis in many of the major doll and crafts magazines.

Copyright © 2007-2012 - All Rights Reserved - Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties

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