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Felt Snow Bunny Ornament Free Pattern by Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q. D. Patooties

I thought you might all like to know that Lisa Bunting Thoms of  Q.D. Patooties  has a wonderful bunny ornament pattern to share.  I know you're going to love it.

Free Felt Snow Bunny Ornament Pattern
Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties

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Here's the instructions and what Lisa had to say about her Felt Snow Bunny Ornament Pattern:  Okay, this is probably the last free pattern before Christmas. But thankfully, you can use this one for Easter too! So hang on to it and file it away in your stash. It's incredibly simple but I think it works up really cute. It's small enough that besides being an ornament, it would also make a cute package decoration or even a pin. Or stick one of those magnets on the back and put him on your fridge! And Snow Bunnies stick around all winter unlike Snowmen who are a little less reliable - especially in warmer weather!

All you need to do is to click on the pattern above and save it to your computer. After you click, the pattern will enlarge. Then, just right click and "Save Image As" to save it to your computer. 

Anyway, my only hints with this pattern are in order to work this small (hey, it's small for me) I traced my pattern onto a piece of felt, folded the felt over and then sewed directly on the outline of the bunny. I left the side open for stuffing. You can wire his ears if you like with chenille pipe cleaners. Then you won't have to stuff them and they'll be poseable. Along those same lines, you could wire the whole bunny if you like and not stuff him at all. Just make him a little poseable guy to put where ever you want. Oh, and finally the face and other features I embroidered but you can do whatever you want with your bunny. I'm not going to come inspect them or anything! And I just used a few strands of that fancy yarn for my scarf. I really love that yarn and wish I could find more as it's both soft and sparkly - gotta love it!


Please respect Lisa's TERMS OF USE:  My FREE tutorials, patterns, and how-to's are for personal use only and are not not intended for commercial use. They may not be copied, reprinted, emailed, or reproduced and distributed in any manner without my permission.

Lisa's Bio: Lisa is a professional teddy bear artist selling heirloom quality collectible bears to Adults and has been making bears professionally since November 1997. Her creations have been nominated for several Awards including the TITA, Teddy Bear Scene Reader's Choice Awards and the Ace Awards. They've also been included on a regular basis in many of the major doll and crafts magazines.

Copyright © 2007-2012 - All Rights Reserved - Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties

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