Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Make Soap Free Tutorials By Vicki Welsh of Field Trips In Fiber

Ever wonder how to make soap? If you have then you'll be happy to know that Vicki Welsh of Field Trips In Fiber has a wonderful two-part tutorial on her blog showing you how to makesoap. She also provides several recipes for soap.  I hope you enjoy Vicki's tutorials.

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Here's what Vicki had to say about her soap making tutorial:  Today is a holiday at work and the first day of my 10 straight days off work! While the guys were hear finishing up the tile installation (prev post), I made a batch of soap. I'm not going to give you every detail, just the basic steps. Soap making is much more involved than lotion making - there's some science involved - but once you understand it, it's quite easy. If you decide that you want to make soap, I recommend reading The Soapmaker's Companion before jumping in.

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Vicki's Bio - I am 51, married 23 years and no kids (by choice). I live near Richmond, VA and am obsessed with anything to do with fabric and thread! I sew quilts, dye fabric, longarm quilting and just make lots of things. I started this blog as a way to chronicle my sewing goals and adventures and retired recently to become a full time fabric dyer.

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