Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cereal Box Booklets Free Tutorial by Sue Bleiweiss

I just love mixed media creations and admire all the mixed media fiber artists on the web. Sue Bleiweiss is one of the mixed media fiber artists that I so admire and I have marveled at her creations for a few years now. She teaches mixed media fiber arts online and has written many, many free articles and tutorials for her Sue Bleiweisswebsite and her Sue Bleiweiss blog.

I thought you'd be happy to know that Sue has a wonderful tutorial on her blog showing you how to make a cereal box booklet. If you recycle this is a great way to use cereal boxes.

Cereal Box Booklets
Copyright © 2008-2011- All Rights Reserved - Written By Sue Bleiweiss

Here's what Sue had to say about her cereal box booklets: Like most households we have recycle bins for paper and plastic and make it a point to toss in whatever we can to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the trash bin. I noticed recently that there was a pretty big pile of cereal and cracker boxes along with brown paper bags building up in the bin and so I pulled a few out and decided to bring them into the studio to see if I could turn them into something.

Use a light weight cereal, cracker or snack box for these booklets. You want to choose a box that has been made with cardboard that bends easily. Heavier cardboard boxes won’t work very well for this project.

Please respect Sue's Terms of Use: For personal use only. Please feel free to make as many as you like for gifts, swaps and donations, however; at this time I cannot provide licensing for readers to sell items made from the patterns provided on my website. Tutorial, text & images are the property of Sue Bleiweiss. Do not copy or distribute in any form for any reason without my permission!

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Sue Bleiweiss of SueBleiweiss.com.

Sue is a Mixed Media Fiber Artist and Instructor. She teaches classes online in mixed media, surface design, fiber arts.

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