Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Burp Cloth Tutorial From Sylvia of Pieces From My Scrapbag Blog

Thanks so much to Sylvia of Pieces From My Scrapbag blog for allowing us to publish her whole tutorial on our blog.  If you want to know how to make a burp cloth here's how:

Just what a sewer and a quilter loves...possibilities! A selection of burp cloths. The finished size is 9.5"-10" wide, length 18 or 19". There are very few directions and no rules..*VBS* I make them from flannel, and it certainly doesn't have to be the HIGH end kind. I've been making these for about 6 years now, and find they make a nice baby shower gift. Or for the grandchild of a friend..*VBS* I usually make a dozen.

You need a fat quarter of soft flannel for each. I usually buy baby and kid flannel by the yard. You get 6 cloths from 1.5 yds. For the demo I used a left over half yard piece. Straighten your edges and then split the half yard on the fold line. You now have a piece that is about 20" wide by 18-19" long.

Fold right sides together and stitch around 3 sides if you are using a folded piece like this. If not, and you've mis-matched the two sides, which is neat for using up 9 & 10" left overs, then you would sew all 4 sides, leaving about a 3" opening somewhere so you can turn it right side out. Turn right side out and give it a shake.

Pick out the corners (you know what that means, right?) and then press the rectangle so it's smooth. Tuck in the little part where you've turned it. Top stitch around the 4 sides..LESS than the 1/4" seam or you won't catch the opening. No reason to close that by hand when the top stitch will do it for you. I make my stitching about 1/8" from the edge. You could use decorative stitching if you have that on your machine. Hearts or vines would look neat. Back to the ironing board, and fold in half across the 9" way.

Press really well so there is a crease. Then stitch from side to side across that 9". What that seam does is gives something that will rest well on your shoulder while you are burping baby. I've left a thread so you an see the stitching line across the blue ducks. It should enlarge if you need it to.

I do a batch of these at a time, it's easier to cut several rather than just one or two. I chain press them, and chain sew them, etc, etc, etc. OK..that's it for burp cloths!

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