Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teeny Tiny Shrinky Dink "Leaves" Necklace Free Tutorial by Ashley Hacksaw of Lil Blue Boo

I just LOVE the Fall season and everything an anything that showcases the beautiful colors - including jewelry.    If you LOVE the Fall colors like I do then you'll be happy to know that Ashley Hacksaw of  Lil Blue Boo has a wonderful tutorial on her Lil Blue Boo blog showing you how to make a teeny tiny shrinky dink "leaves" necklace.  Have fun!

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Ashley Hacksaw of Lil Blue Boo.

Here's what Ashley had to say about her tutorial:  This was my submission to the SYTYC contest for the theme "leaves." Here is the tutorial in case you are interested! Thanks all of you who voted!

Everything is cuter when it is miniature. This “leaves” necklace is made from a bracelet “end clasp” and teeny tiny shrinky dink shapes. Each tiny leaf has been carefully cut out, hand painted, and then shrunken to its small size.  Here they are on my little child manny:

Please respect Ashley's TERMS OF USE: My tutorials and patterns are for personal use only.  Commercial use of any kind is prohibited without the written authorization of Ashley Hacksaw.

Copyright © 2009-2010 - All Rights Reserved - Ashley Hacksaw of Lil Blue Boo.   Ashley is a children's clothing designer, pattern designer, portrait & murals artist, and crafter.

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