Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Machine Quilting Free Tutorial By Nanette Merrill of Freda's Hive

Have you always wanted to make a quilt, but weren't quite sure how to put it all together or how to add the stippling?  If you were, then you'll be happy to know that Nanette Merrill has a wonderful tutorial on her Freda's Hive blog showing you how to machine quilt. 

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Here's what Nanette had to say about her tutorial:  Tutorial - prepping a quilt for machine quilting and suggestions for stipple or puzzle quilting a small patchwork quilt with a regular sewing machine

Anyone can learn to machine quilt. Much of machine quilting success is in prep of the quilt before going to the sewing machine. My method to prep the quilt involves using quilt spray that is non-gumming to the machine needle. I only quilt smaller baby, crib, or lap sized quilts with my regular machine because I feel this is all I can handle with good success. I know others quilt full-sized quilts on a regular machine but I limit myself to this for best results.

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