Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy Blocks Free Tutorial by Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio

Ever wonder how to make some really easy quilting blocks? If you have then you'll be happy to know that Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio has a wonderful tutorial on her Geta's Quilting Studio blog showing you how to make easy quilting blocks. Have fun!

Copyright © 2010 -  Written By Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio.

Here's what Geta had to say about her tutorial:  I will have a busy summer and there is not a chance to finish the quilt for my husband.  I want to make two pillows to complement the quilt, I am happy that I made their center! I need bigger blocks so that I will add some strips to them

Please respect Geta's TERMS OF USE:  I am more than happy to share my tutorials with you. You can use them to make projects for yourself, friends or family. Do not use my tutorials to mass-produce items for sale. If you post your work online, please link to my tutorials on my Geta's Quilting Studio blog.

Copyright © 2008-2010 - All Rights Reserved - Geta Grama of  Romanian Quilt Studio. Geta is  a passionate quilter living in Romania.

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