Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doll House Potholder Free Tutorial By Nanette Merrill of Freda's Hive

As mentioned in a previous post, for some reason I'm always drawn to the linens and kitchen accessories departments of my local Bed & Bath store. The reason is that I just LOVE linens, kitchen towels, potholders, and dishcloths. If you love potholders like I do then you'll be happy to know that Nanette Merrill has a wonderful tutorial on her Freda's Hive blog showing you how to make a dollhouse potholder.

Copyright © 2009 - Written By Nanette Merrill of Freda's Hive.

Here's what Nanette had to say about her tutorial:   My previous house block I called a Cottage block. I decided to name this new house block pattern "Doll House". It is taller and smaller than the cottages and just reminded me of a little doll house. The block seemed like a perfect size for a pot holder but the Doll House could be applied to other crafts or quilt blocks.

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