Friday, October 29, 2010

Designing With Electric Quilt Free Tutorial and Free Quilting Designs E-Patterns From Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio

I just LOVE the different quilting designs you can create using a computerized sewing machine and would LOVE to try one someday. So, I was happy to see that Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio had a wonderful tutorial on her Geta's Quilting Studio blog showing you how to design with Electric Quilt software and had some free e-pattern quilting designs for you as well. Now I just need to get a computerized sewing machine.

Copyright © 2009-  Written By Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio.

Here's what Geta had to say about her tutorial:   After the tutorial I wrote a few months ago about how to design wreaths using Electric Quilt software, here are a few other ideas to help you draw more complex designs.

Even if you don't have EQ, you can still use some of the principles shown here for drawing your own design on paper.

Let's start drawing this design ( this is one of my shadow trapunto quilts - you can see other designs here).

Copyright © 2009 -  Written By Geta Grama of Romanian Quilt Studio.

Here's what Geta had to say about her tutorial:  Here is the promised gift for all the readers of my blog. A few quilting designs you can use for making wholecloth quilts, trapunto or shadow trapunto, even appliques or stenciling.

These are "pdf" patterns and come on several pages, you have to print them and tape the pages together.  If you want the patterns in the size mentioned below, print them in the original size (set Scale Preferences to "NONE").

Please respect Geta's TERMS OF USE:  I am more than happy to share my tutorials with you. You can use them to make projects for yourself, friends or family. Do not use my tutorials to mass-produce items for sale. If you post your work online, please link to my tutorials on my Geta's Quilting Studio blog.

Copyright © 2008-2010 - All Rights Reserved - Geta Grama of  Romanian Quilt Studio. Geta is  a passionate quilter living in Romania.

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