Friday, August 27, 2010

Tissue Pouch Free Tutorial By Christie of A Lemon Squeezy Home

Looking for a cute idea? Well, Christie of Lemon Squeezy Shop and A Lemon Squeezy Home blog has a wonderful tutorial on her blog showing you how to make an adorable tissue pouch.

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Here's what Christie had to say about her tutorial:   In case you missed me on Tea Rose Home a couple weeks ago, here is what I did on Sachiko's awesome blog.  Enjoy!

I thought initially that this tutorial would be better during the winter months, but with allergy season in full swing, tissue pouches are great any time of year!  They are so easy to make as well.  You can whip one up in less than half an hour (probably closer to 15 minutes!). 

Please respect Christie's TERMS OF USE: Unless stated otherwise, you may use any of the items or tutorials I post for personal use. If you are wanting to sell items made from my tutorials, please ask me for permission!

My *only* request, is that if you make and post anything that I came up with, that you post a link to my blog. If you sell any items on my website that was my idea, then you must post a link giving me credit (after asking permission to sell first).

Just give credit where it is due! Happy crafting!

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