Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mr. Mom "Woobie" Blanket Free Tutorial by Melissa of Crafting With Cat Hair Blog

Do you know what a "woobie" is?    Well, Melissa of  Crafting With Cat Hair blog does and she has a wonderful tutorial on her blog showing you how to make a "woobie." 

Mr. Mom "Woobie" Blanket Tutorial

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Here's what Melissa had to say about her tutorial:  One of my favorite movies from the '80s is Mr. Mom. I just love Michael Keaton!

There are so many hilarious scenes in this movie, but the one that stands out to me is the scene when the vacuum cleaner attacks the kids and eats the one kid's blanket, or his woobie.

I am sure you have seen this pattern before, but here it is again. You can use this super simple, no sew pattern to make your very own woobie for your child or, like I did, your pet!

Please respect Melissa's TERMS OF USE:  No part of my patterns or tutorials may be reproduced in any form. The written instructions, photograph, design, and pattern and tutorial are intended for personal, non-commercial use only and can not be sold for profit. Thanks!

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