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Flowered Headband Free Tutorial From Molly of Molly The Pirate Blog

Little girls and even big girls like girly girl decoration in their hair from time to time. And, nothing is more girly girl than a flower. Molly of Molly the Pirate blog has a wonderful tutorial for making a flowered headband on her A Bit O' Shine blog and which is shown below:

I've seen these everywhere and totally wanted one. Part of the rule about a strict budget is not spending your money on frivolities. Guh. So I finally got fed up and decided to make myself one.

I looked online for a tutorial for making the flower and couldn't find one (I have since found tons, I don't know what my problem was before!)

I decided I was a smart enough person that I could figure it out for myself. Well...I didn't know how to start - ha! So I remembered seeing this post and decided to see how she did hers (she makes adorable stuff!). She got me started and I semi-deviated from there. If- and this is going to be a riot considering I'm not a sewing person - you want to come along with me I'll show you how I did it.

My starting supplies of what I thought I would need:

Two fabric selections in coordinating colors that match the headband I already had. Some satin ribbon and some tulle. You'll also need felt, a needle and thread and some tacky glue (if you do it like me.) I didn't end up using the ribbon at all.

I started out by cutting a circle template onto paper, cutting it in half and then pinning it to the fabric and cutting around it.

I wasn't sure how many I'd need, so I guesstimated and ended up cutting ten, but I didn't use them all. It's really your discretion, how many you can fit and how full you want it.

Taking my needle and thread I stitched through the bottom and then pulled the thread tight to gather the "petal" - on the same thread I continued until I had enough to look like a flower.

Then I stitched the last two petals together to keep it from falling open.

I really didn't know what I was doing when I did it, just making it up as I went along. And like I told you I am not a sewer! So if I can make this work then so can you!

To make the rest of the flower I cut a circle of my second fabric choice, making sure it was larger than my gathered petals. Once it was cut round, I freehanded some "waviness" to it so it didn't look so stodgy (I did that after the photo). I did the same with a piece of white tulle (not even in the photo). The felt I cut slightly smaller because I don't actually want it showing, I just need it for stability and to attach the whole deal to the headband.

Then I stitched the petaled portion to the wavy background until it felt secure to me. Real technical and professional, me. *wink*

To attach it to the headband I rethreaded my needle and figured out where on the headband I wanted it. Then I stitched through the felt on each side of the hadband all the way up and down and a few more random times until it felt nice and secure. I ended up gluing the tulle and background fabric to the felt - didn't get any photos of this, sorry!

And then you're back to my intro photograph! That wasn't too hard was it?

I'm thinking about covering a little button with fabric and making that the center of my flower but I don't want it to look like a button...hence the fabric part. I dunno. I may have to think about it. Hmmmm. Ponderment.....


I did indeed cover a small, normal button with fabric. Just slapped on some tacky glue and stuck on the fabric. Then I sewed it into the middle of the flower. I have to advise though, that with the many layers of fabric including the last one hardened with glue, it wasn't super easy but I like how it looks!

And do you just love my grow-out? I can't for the life of me decide if I want to continue coloring my hair or not...so I just do nothing instead.

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