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Dyeing for Mohair Free Tutorial From Rivkah Mizrahi of Doll Makers Muse

Ever wonder how to dye mohair? Well, if you have you'll be happy to know that Rivkah Mizrahi posted a free tutorial on her Doll Maker's Muse blog teaching you how. Thanks for the tutorial, Rivkah.

Dyeing for Mohair

Do you have WHITE MOHAIR locks lying around in your supply stash?

I do. Bags of it.

I don't need white mohair, I need colors! So, I dyed it. It was so easy and cheap to do..... you've got to try this.
First, start with KOOL AID.

Put the kool aid into a glass or earthenware bowl with water. Approximate ratio = one package of Kool Aid : one and a half cups of water.

Add your mohair, one lock at a time. Consider combing each lock out before submerging it.

Add plenty of mohair and mix it all around with a non-metal spoon. You want the water to soak up into the mohair so it absorbs the kool aid as evenly as possible. You'll be suprised how much mohair you can get into the bowl.

Here are Two bowls of mohair- one grape and one cherry.

Let the mohair sit and soak overnight.

Rinse it out with water.

Remember scratch and sniff stickers from when we were kids?

Your dolls' hair will smell like that!

One last OPTIONAL step:

If you are worried about colorfasting the mohair, you can add some vinegar to make it set.

Rub the vinegar into the mohair, spray it on with a spray bottle, etc.

Let it air dry.

Have fun!!

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Rivkah Mizrahi of Doll Makers Muse.

Please respect Rivkah's TERMS OF USE: Tutorial and/or pattern is for Personal Use Only. Dolls made from this tutorial and/or pattern may not be sold for commercial purposes. Tutorial and/or pattern may not be copied, reprinted, emailed, or distributed in any manner without the permission of Rivkah Mizrahi.

Rivkah's Bio: Rivkah is a mixed media doll artist residing in Seattle, WA and has been creating art dolls for nearly a decade.

Rivkah works in both cloth and clay mediums and will gladly make a custom doll or set of characters for a library, lobby, school or personal collection.   She can work from a picture or photograph, and her ability ranges from whimsical to fine art. On her Doll Makers Muse website Rivkah offers OOAK Dolls (One Of A Kind), Patterns & E-Classes, Doll Making Kits & Supplies, Workshops and Assistance with sculpting or sewing projects. Rivkah teaches flexible private groups and classroom workshops in and around the Seattle area and is available as a traveling guest instructor for doll clubs.

Rivkah's dolls have been exhibited around Israel and in the US. Her dolls have been published in Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine, Art Doll Quarterly Magazine, Doll Crafter and Costumer,  as well as books by Patti Medaris Culea and Li Hertzi.

Copyright © 2006-2010 - All Rights Reserved - Rivkah Mizrahi of Doll Makers Muse. Rivkah Mizrahi is a mixed media sculpture artist, and art doll artist.

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