Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Make Paper Dress Cupcake Toppers Free Tutorial by Dana Huber of Composing Hallelujahs Blog

When I saw the ballerina cupcake toppers on Dana Huber's Fill In The Cake blog I absolutely fell in love with them.  Dana created the most adorable ballerina cupcake toppers and invitations for her daughter's 5th birthday party and created a tutorial and video on her Composing Hallelujahs blog to show us how to create them, too.  These are just too adorable for words.

Please Note:  Unfortunately Dana's free tutorials are no longer available.

How to make Paper Dress Cupcake Toppers

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Here's what Dana had to say about her tutorial:  It's the moment you've all been waiting for! what?!? you didn't know you were waiting for it? oh I'm so sorry, you've missed out on the anticipation and excitement of the whole waiting period.

OK, well even if you weren't waiting for it, i have had several requests for the original Ballerina Cupcake toppers from my daughter's 5th birthday party. but to get to the original idea you have to rewind to the invitations.

i knew i wanted to make my own party invitations and i wanted something "ballerina". After a little brainstorming and trial and error, i came up with a little card stock and tissue paper tutu outfit. then in a last minute effort i roped my mom into helping me make more for the cupcakes {she loved every minute of it too}! these little toppers are my most popular upload on cakecentral {a wonderful "all things cake" website}.

i then had the thought sometime later that they would also make absolutely adorable wedding dresses, like for a bridal shower!! lucky me, there was a shower on today and so i jumped at the chance to make some and now you will be able to too!

Dana's Bio - Dana is a wife and mother to four home-schooled children, crafter, cake artist, and blogger extraordinaire. If you'd like to read about why Dana blogs as much as she does please read her About page.

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