Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fingernail & Toenail Free Tutorial by Deanna Hogan of Blue Heron Dolls

I think you all know that I've a little biased when in comes to doll makers. Well, Deanna Hogan who is an exceptional doll maker has a wonderful tutorial on her Deanna's Blog that I think you will enjoy.

Fingernail & Toenail Tutorial

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written by Deanna Hogan of Blue Heron Dolls.

Please respect Deanna's TERMS OF USE: All of my photos, tutorials and writings are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without my permission.

Deanna's Bio - Deanna is a cloth doll maker and designer. She began making cloth dolls in the mid to late 90s, after discovering the amazing things being done by other doll artists and became a member of ODACA - the Original Doll Artist Council of America in 2006. ODACA's objectives are to promote original artists and their work, to achieve and maintain a high quality of handmade doll making, and to educate collectors and the public about original artist dolls. Her dolls have been featured in Soft Dolls &Animals, Contemporary Doll Collector, Doll Crafter & Costuming, Doll News - UFDC Publication, and Doll Castle News.

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Deanna Hogan of Blue Heron Dolls.

Please visit Deanna's Blue Heron Dolls website at at and her Deanna's Blog blog at

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