Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Downloadable Teapot Pattern Free Tutorial by Ayumi of Pink Penguin Blog

As a quilter have you ever wondered how someone created a particular patchwork block? I know I have many times. Well, Ayumi of Pink Penguin blog has created a wonderful tutorial on her Pink Penguin blog to show you how to make a teapot quilt block. I hope you enjoy her tutorial and pattern.

Downloadable Teapot Pattern

Here's what Ayumi had to say about her tutorial: If you're an experienced quilter, you can probably figure out how to make this patchwork block almost instantaneously, but if you are sort of a beginner seamstress like me, you might find it helpful if I show you how I make this teapot patchwork block from the first step to the end, so here comes the instruction of how I do it along with a bunch of photos.

Please respect Ayumi's TERMS OF USE:  My tutorials are for personal use only.  Commercial use of my tutorials and pictures in my tutorials or the creation of similar tutorials is prohibited without my permission.  Products made from my tutorials are intended for personal use only.   Commercial use of products made from my tutorials are prohibited without my permission.

For more of Ayumi's terms of use please visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" page of her Pink Penguin blog.

Ayumi's Bio - Since childhood, my life has been filled with fascination of creating things from scratch.My interests in crafts are broad: I have enjoyed making soap and cosmetics, sewing, creating miniature foods, cooking, digital-scrapbooking and so forth.

I grew up in Japan and moved to the U.S. in 2003. I take advantage of being bilingual in terms of acquiring materials from both Japanese and American shops and snatching nice ideas from craft books in both languages.

I love it when my handmade crafts are enjoyed by others.  I hope my crafts on my blog can find someone who enjoys and finds use of them.

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