Sunday, February 14, 2010

Clothespin Pocket Apron Free Tutorial by Cheryl Bosarge of Bayou Bags

Cheryl Bosarge always has fabulous ideas and has created some wonderful free tutorials for her Bayou Bags website and Lenny DaVinci blog over the years. One of her latest tutorials shows you how to make a Clothespin Pocket Apron.

Tutorial: Clothespin Pocket Apron

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Here's what Cheryl had to say about her tutorial:  For the first time in years I now have a clothesline in my back yard. Three of the four lines are missing, and the one that remains is in need of replacement, but that can be fixed eventually. I still have enough room to hang out a load of laundry, and I’m not heating up the house by running the dryer all afternoon. Oh, and I’m saving money, too!  I’m sure that my enthusiasm over a clothesline is shocking to anyone who knows me, but you’ll just have to accept this strange behavior. 

After hanging out the first load on my new/old clothesline, I realized that keeping clothespins in a plastic grocery bag just wasn’t going to work for me, and reaching up and into a bag, whether it’s a grocery bag or something made specifically for this purpose, just wasn’t very comfortable. I needed something waist-high.

An internet search revealed several great patterns for clothespin aprons and a variety of aprons, which would eliminate the need to reach up and into a bag, but all I really wanted was a small pocket to tie around my waist, not a full-size apron with a huge pocket.  I didn’t want to use a lot of fabric, either.  After a few quick sketches, I came up with some measurements for this quick and easy pocket with apron strings.  A simple pouch would work well for this application, but I added a pleat to give myself a little more room for my hand to reach in, as well as for some extra clothespins. The finished apron measures 7-1/2″ wide by 16″ tall (from the bottom of the pocket to the top of the waistband), and the pocket is 12″ deep.

Cheryl's Bio: Cheryl is a freelance graphic designer, writer, artist, handbag designer, and paper crafter with a BFA in graphic design, 15 years of quilting experience, and several textile teaching positions. She loves to explore new techniques and materials and utilizing both in new products for her website. She is also a photographer and painter, and occasionally offers art pieces for sale. Cheryl also takes custom textile or fine art orders and can be contacted at .

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