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Twin Hearts Door Stopper Free Tutorial From Julia Camilleri of Julia's Place Blog

I just love creative embroidery and crazy quilted creations and love to learn how to create such astonishing creations - especially when the tutorials are from a master of creative embroidery. You'll be pleased to know that Julia Camilleri of "Julia's Place" blog has once again graciously agreed to let us post another one of her fabulous tutorials. I hope you enjoy Julia's Twin Hearts Door Stopper tutorial.

Twin Hearts Door Stopper...Free Tutorial

You must be tired of looking at my quilts by's a little door stopper for you to make.
Makes a great gift with Christmas coming up fast.
I also have one on my dining room french door, and believe me it has saved the glass from breaking many times...when I open the front door and a gust of wind catches the dining room door, slamming it shut!
Sorry the picture is a bit blurred...enjoy.

To see the pattern better... Click on this picture, and it will come up really big,

FINISHED SIZE: 25cm x 15cm (10in x 6in)

Stitches Used: Stem stitch rose, Ribbon stitch buds, Lazy daisy stitch, Featherstitch, French knots, straight stitch, Ladder-stitch

Requirements: 20cm Dusty Pink Pinwale Cord Fabric
20cm Pellon
1 metre Dusty Pink about 1cm wide Double Sided Satin Ribbon
Small amount of Polyester filling
Template plastic
15mm Button
No. 20 Chenille needle for the ribbon work
No. 8 Crewel needle for the thread work
No. 8 Straw needle for the French knots
BUCILLA Silk Ribbon: 1 card each of 7mm Blue(600), Light Pink(544) and Cream (501)
DMC Embroidery Floss: 1 Skein each of Green 319 and Gold
Sewing thread to match fabric
General machine and hand sewing requirements

Please read all the instructions carefully before commencing

CUTTING: Make a template of the twin hearts from the design out of the template plastic.
sorry, I can't post the actual size up here, but you may be able to judge the size by the finished measurements and draw a template up your self

From the fabric, cut out two twin heart shapes, one being for the front and one for the back.
Use the pencil to mark in the main flower placements by dotting the spots where they are to go..... The rest is worked freehand.
I like to work freehand as much as possible...then there are no lines and marks to worry about covering

EMBROIDERY: Tack pellon onto the back of the twin hearts to be embroidered.
Stem stitch Roses: Place the 15mm button on the flower placement marks and draw around button with pencil.
Thread the chenille needle with the Blue 7mm silk ribbon and stem stitch in the rose, working from the outside in towards the centre.

Branch out with the same ribbon and ribbon stitch in a group of three buds. Refer to coloured photo.
Work the other stem stitch roses in the same manner using the Pink 7 mm ribbon and the Cream 7mm ribbon also adding buds as before.
Connect the buds to the roses by working a straight stitch in each bud and a fly stitch with an extended holding stitch to form the stem of the bud. Work in a few lazy daisy leaves among the buds and the roses.

To highlight the embroidery. With one strand of the Green DMC (319) thread, work in the featherstitch as shown in picture, then with one strand of the Gold floss add a two wrap French knot to tips of the featherstitch.

Cut the satin ribbon in half.
Fold one piece in half and pin the folded end in place at the side of the heart as marked on the design sheet. Refer to photo
Stitch in place to secure. Repeat the same for the other side.
Use small safety pins to pin the ribbons in out of the way so they don’t get caught up in the stitching when sewing the hearts together.
Lay the embroidered piece on the table right side up, place the back piece on top right sides together.
With matching thread, machine stitch a ¼ inch seam right around the outside of the twin heart shape, leaving the two openings as marked on the design sheet.
Clip around the curves and turn the piece through one of the openings to the right side.
Remove the safety pins and with a blunt object carefully poke out the heart points.
With matching thread, machine stitch in the dividing curved line between the two hearts as shown on the design sheet
Refer to the photo
Stuff the twin hearts with polyester fill to a nice rounded shape and ladder-stitch the two openings close.

The twin heart doorstopper is now ready to go on your door.
Tie the doorstopper onto both doorknobs with a pretty bow.
A lovely decorator piece.

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Julia's Bio - Julia is a seamstress who specializes in crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, handbags, quilts, and all things Victorian. She has been published many time and in many magazines.

Copyright © 2008-2009 — All Rights Reserved — Written By Julia Camilleri on her "Julia's Place" Blog - For more crafting tips and techniques visit Julia's "Julia's Place" blog. Julia is a seamstress who specializes in crazy quilting, ribbon embroidery, and all things Victorian.  For more pictures of Julia's creations please visit Julia's Flickr site -

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