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Postcard or ATC Free Tutorial From Jo Newsham of "No Matter Where I Go... I Always Meet Myself There!" Blog

I just love Jo Newsham's crazy quilt and creative embroidery creations and have been a fan of hers for quite some time. You'll be pleased to know that Jo has written a wonderful tutorial on her "No Matter Where I Go... I Always Meet Myself There!" blog showing how to create an ATC or postcard. I hope you enjoy Jo's tutorial.

Postcard Tutorial
I know postcard tutes have probably been done to death, but I did have a request for how I make mine, and it is a bit different to any others I have seen. So here it is...sorry the pics are low res as this was originally done for my Yahoo groups newsletter. This is VERY similar to how I do most things with fusible interfacing.

1) I have my template and my handy dandy fusible interfacing ( I looked at the tag last week, it is called "formfuse"), heavy weight. Draw around template, cut out leaving seam allowance of approx 0.5".

2) I have already pieced the front here. Turn your corners in at a 45` angle and press them down.

Now fold the seams in. They should fold nicely along your lines.

This is the double sided fusible that I use for postcards. When it cools it is nice and firm, perfect for postcards.

Use your template to cut a piece of heatnbond to seam allowance required. Iron it to your backing fabric. I cut it out then place it on the postcard and trim it up so it is smaller than the back , but still covers the seams.

Peel the paper backing off, flip it over, and iron in place.

I use some seconds thermal curtain backing for postcard backs, but only because it is what I have handy, you could use calico (muslin) just as well.

And the finished product! The reason I like to use the fusible (no sew) method, is because my sewing machine and I can't do much more together than sew a straight line. i have tried buttonholing the edges, zigzagging etc, but everything looks messy, so this works well for me.

I write on the back of my cards with a pigma pen, but a regular old ballpoint works just as well.

Leave a link if you make your own.

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