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Calendar Holder Free Tutorial From Julia Camilleri of Julia's Place Blog

I just love creative embroidery and crazy quilted creations and love to learn how to create such astonishing creations - especially when the tutorials are from a master of creative embroidery. You'll be pleased to know that Julia Camilleri of "Julia's Place" blog has once again graciously agreed to let us post another one of her fabulous tutorials. I hope you enjoy Julia's Calendar Holder tutorial.

Calendar Holder Tutorial..for 2009 gifts

Nanette of Freda's Hive has inspired us all to start thinking about Christmas 2009 early, so that by the end of the year we will have gifts ready made and not have to stress so much..

Here is a great gift idea, I have made several and they have always been a great success..
The year is just beginning so why not make one for yourself first.. you are free to print this tutorial off for your own personal use....


FINISHED SIZE 54cm x 37cm (21" x 14 ½ ")


70cm (28") Cream tone-on-tone fabric General machine and hand sewing requirements
Scrap prints suitable for the applique shapes

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
30cm (12") small check print for the binding Lead pencil or water erasable pen
30cm x 20 cm (12"x8") piece of the fusible webbing

Needles for embroidery and applique
60cm x 40cm (24"x16") wadding

Black DMC No. 12 Cotton Perle

2 Old buttons for topiary trees
Decorative buttons of your choice

It is recommended fabrics be 100% cotton and prewashed
Cream thread for machine quilting and ironed.

¼ inch seams are included.

♥...Please read the instructions first before commencing...♥

The applique design will print out pretty much the exact size
You may want to enlarge the applique pieces a little or else use one of your own favourite applique designs , a stitchery is also a lovely alternative.. Below is one I did in ribbon embroidery...♥

You may like to measure your calendar to make sure it will fit or to make adjustments if need be.

Cut 2 pieces 23in x 15in Cream tone-on-tone print for the background and backing.
2 Pieces 4in x 16in of background fabric for strip to hold the calendar
2 pieces of backing fabric 5in x 7in for sleeve pockets
From the binding fabric cut 2 pieces across the width of fabric 2 in wide.

PREPARATION: Don't forget to reverse the applique design if you want it facing this way...

All the applique pieces are the finished size, no seam allowance is required.
Trace the applique shapes from the pattern sheet onto the paper side of the fusible webbing. Roughly cut around each shape and iron them onto the wrong side of the selected fabrics. When they have cooled, cut out each one accurately on the line and remove the backing paper.

Using the photograph of the calendar holder as a guide, position all the applique shapes onto the background fabric. When you are satisfied with their positioning fuse them in place with a warm iron.
Using your preferred light source trace off the “Home Sweet Home” and the chimney smoke with a HB pencil or a water-erasable pen.
Alternatively write in the words and smoke freehand.

EMBROIDERY: Back stitch the letters and the smoke using black Cotton Perle thread.
Make sure to remove the pen marks with a wet cotton bud when all the stitching has been completed.
APPLIQUE: Using the Cotton Perle thread, blanket stitch around the applique shapes.

BACKING: Tape the backing fabric right side down on the table using masking tape. Ensure that there are no wrinkles in it and that it is taut but not stretched. Lay the wadding on top, and then place the calendar holder top on top right side up.
Pin or thread baste the three layers together.

QUILTING: Quilt either by hand or by machine. Stitch around the outside edge of the appliqued cottage. I then machine quilted the top with a free motion meandering design using the free-embroidery foot and dropping the feed dogs. I also machined over the lettering and the smoke.
SLEEVE POCKET: Fold the raw edges together lengthwise right sides in, sew up the two sides, turn right side out and press flat. Repeat for the other piece. Place the two pieces on the back with raw edges at the top of quilt leaving a small gap in the centre between the two pieces, pin in place and stitch across the top to hold.
CALENDAR HOLDER STRIP: Fold strips in half lengthwise right sides together, Stitch together along the raw edges to make a tube and then turn right side out and press flat, pressing the seam to the back.
Cut 1 piece of templastic 12in x 1 ½ in and place inside of one of the strips.
Pin the strip with the templastic in place onto the front of quilt under the lettering, 11 ½ in down from the top of the quilt, and pin the second strip 17 ½ in down from the top of the quilt, then stitch down to hold in place. To hold the strips more securely stitch them down again about ¾ inch in from the edge avoiding the plastic, just make sure that your calendar fits on the strip. Trim away the excess.

BINDING: Trim top and sides of quilt ensuring the edges are straight and the corners are square. Join the two lengths of binding fabric with a bias seam, trim it to a ¼ inch and press flat. Press the binding in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and, beginning approximately halfway along one side on the front of the quilt, stitch the binding to the edge of the quilt with a ¼ inch seam, leaving a 4 inch tail at the start, and mitring each corner as you go.
To mitre the corners, stitch to within a ¼ inch of the corner, back stitch a few stitches and remove the quilt from the machine. Fold the binding up and away from the quilt, hold the corner in place and bring back down to line up with the raw edge of the next side.
Begin stitching from the top edge and continue to within a ¼ inch form the next corner. Repeat this process to mitre each corner. Stop sewing on the last side a few inches from where you began, lay the two ends of the binding along the edge and mark in their joining seam. Stitch it on the diagonal and trim the seam back to a ¼ inch, press open and flat and then finish stitching the binding to the quilt.
Turn the binding to the back and slip stitch in place. Slip stitch the bottom of the two pieces of the sleeve pockets to the back.

YO-YOS & BUTTONS: Trace the Yo-Yo template from the pattern sheet onto template plastic, trace 2 circles onto your chosen fabric for the treetops and cut out on the lines. Turn under a small seam allowance on each circle and stitch a running stitch around it. Then, pull up the threads carefully to gather up the Yo-Yo and secure with a few stitches to hold. Stitch the two Yo-Yos to the top of the trees.
Sew the two buttons onto the centre of the yo-yos and add any decorative buttons of your choice to the quilt.

Your COUNTRY COTTAGE CALENDAR HOLDER is now ready for your calendar.

To hang the calendar holder, just put a piece of flat wood to fit through the sleeve pockets and tie a piece of jute at the centre just long enough to hang up. Add a label to the back of your work with your name and the year.

Enjoy, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me....♥

Copyright © 2008-2009 — All Rights Reserved — Written By Julia Camilleri for her "Julia's Place" Blog.

Please respect Julia's Terms Of Use:
Items made from Julia's tutorials are for personal use only. You may make an item for yourself or as a gift, but items made may not be sold either for small personal profit or commercially. Julia's tutorials cannot be copied, reprinted, emailed, or distributed in any manner without Julia's written permission.

Julia's Bio - Julia is a seamstress who specializes in crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, handbags, quilts, and all things Victorian. She has been published many time and in many magazines.

Copyright © 2008-2009 — All Rights Reserved — Written By Julia Camilleri on her "Julia's Place" Blog - For more crafting tips and techniques visit Julia's "Julia's Place" blog. Julia is a seamstress who specializes in crazy quilting, ribbon embroidery, and all things Victorian.  For more pictures of Julia's creations please visit Julia's Flickr site -

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