Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Macrame FREE Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen of Stonebrash Creative Arts

I thought you might all like to know that Dottie Hoeschen of Stonebrash Creative Arts has created a terrific FREE tutorial on all the basic knots of macrame. If you want to learn macrame then you should read Dottie's tutorial.

Here's the macrame knots you will learn from Dottie's tutorial:

Overhand Knot:

Larks Head Knot:

Square Knot:

Half Knot:

Alternating Half Hitch:

Horizontal Double Half Hitch:

Diagonal Double Half Hitch:

Vertical Larkshead Knot:

Vertical Double Half Hitch:

Berry Knot:

Josephine Knot:

Alternating Square Knot:

CLICK HERE for Dottie's tutorial.

Here's what Dottie had to say about her tutorials:

I've gotten such a good response to my macrame tutorial that I decided to add more knots! So, here are 12 of the basic knots. Enjoy........

People have been tying knots since the beginning of time and they serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. It is a fascinating combination of art and science.

I hope that these step by step photos will take some of the mystery out and encourage you to try it on your own.

By the way, a knot can have several different names, so don't be surprised if you find these same knots under different names.

Please respect Dottie's TERMS OF USE: Please ask permission before using my photos or words. You can contact me at Dottie@stonebrashcreative.com.

Copyright © 2008 - 2009 - All rights Reserved - Written by Dottie Hoeschen of Stonebrash Creative Arts

Dottie is a working artist who teaches beadweaving, macrame, and polymer clay techniques. She has been published in numerous beading magazines and included in several books. Visit her website www.stonebrashcreative.com to see more one-of-a-kind jewelry and check out her class schedule.

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