Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Machine Embellishing A Postcard Tutorial by Maggie Robinson of Magpie's Collectables

If you've ever wondered what machine embellishing is then Maggie Robinson's tutorial on embellishing a postcard should help. Maggie posted the tutorial on her Magpie's Collectibles blog.

1. Start with a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of pellon. I use Pelletex 70.

2. Decide what image you are going to do. Sometimes a picture is helpful, or just use an idea in your head.

3.Lay out some wool roving's and begin.

4.Use a piece of netting over your work to do the punching so the wool doesn't get tangled in the needles...

5. Punch, Punch, Punch...... Oh what fun!!!

6. I use a shishkebob stick to guide the wool and keep it where you want. It is much safer than your FINGER!!!!

7. Depending on where you want what I go to my sewing machine and do some thread embellishing with rayon thread.

8. After I get the tree in place, I go back to the wool roving's and put some leaves on the tree.

9. Pretty well done now...

10. The last step will be attaching the main piece to a background. Trim to 4"x6" and satin stitch around the edge...

11. Woops I forgot to take a picture of the finished card.

This is the beginning of another card where I sketch out what I want on the pellon and go from there.

Punch, Punch, Punch...

This is the finished card .If you look closely, I have put 2 layers of green tulle on top of it all to give a green cast. The wee snowman was hand appliqued and some beads and sequins have been added. This particular card went to Mary Lou in my "Stitching Fingers" group. We have just started exchanging FAP's there.. LOL

I wish I knew how to do a video as it would be much easier, but til I learn that, I hope this has given you some idea as to how I go about making these.

Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Maggie Robinson of Magpie's Collectibles blog - http://magpiescollectables.blogspot.com/.

Maggie Robinson is an artist who creates oil & watercolor paintings, fiber arts including miniature postcards, art dolls, miniature and regular sized quilts, creative embroidery, embellished arts, needlework, book making, smocking, 3 dimensional stump work, fabric collage, beading and whimsical bags.

According to Maggie: Creating is a wonderful, fulfilling, inspirational, never ending process which I highly recommend. I look forward to each day with enthusiasm and the love of what I do. I have quite an extensive collection of fabric and other "stuff" which I work with. My inspiration comes from something as simple as a special button, or a piece of fabric, or even just a particular color.

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  1. This is a great idea.I am off to try this RIGHT NOW! Many thanks.