Friday, November 14, 2008

Embroidering Dragonflies and Damselflies Tutorial by Eydie Liebelt of She Brews

I thought you would all like to know that Eydie Liebelt has a wonderful free tutorial on embroidering dragonflies and damselflies that she created for her She Brews blog/website that I think you will enjoy.

I really enjoyed stitching this little damselfly. I decided to add the shadow after I finished in the tradition of my watercolor damselflies. I think from a distance, it has the effect I desire.

I will have to ask Jay show me how to make .pdf files, but for now, simply right click on the image and choose image and go to file and choose print and you should have them. In the meanwhile, I will look into adding the patterns in the sidebar somehow.

With a lightbox, I transfer the pattern on the light colored fabric with a water soluble pen that I trace the pattern with. In the case of transferring on to dark fabric, I usually free hand it with a gold gel pen. After tracing the pattern, I usually back the fabric with another fabric to stabilize it when embroidering.

For this insect, I outlined it in number 12 perle cotton, otherwise, I usually use number 8 on everything. I wanted the outline to not be as defined as the rest of the damselfly.

Here you can see me outlining the damselfly first....while thinking about what color to do the wings and body in......

I looked at pictures on Flickr of dragonflies and other books to come up with some color ideas. The next picture is of a ribbon embroidery dragonfly I did several years ago, so I have no idea, exactly how to show you how I did it. I took a ribbon embroidery class and have done little ribbon embroidery since.......

I know the wings are organza ribbon, and the stitches matter that I used for the body, and I beaded the eyes. Sometime, I will have to try to do it again. Meanwhile, I must get to work, but I have been embroidering a lot, and will continue to post my projects. Tomorrow, I leave for Hayward and will be back Sunday to post.

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  1. It’s great. The designs are beautiful. I love them