Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tutorial On Adding A Clasp To An Eyeglass Case Or Pouch by Pat Winter of Gatherings

I have been often asked about adding the clasps to my eyeglass/neck purse cases so here is a tutorial. It is easier than you think. I hope you find these directions complete and clear.

#1 Gather your finished pouch,clasp,beads,matching thread and beading needle. If you are working with light fabrics and beads, use white or matching thread,if working with dark, use black or matching thread. This way your beads blend right in to the clasp much nicer.

#2 CQ pouch is sewn together and ready to fit clasp and sew up side seams.As you can see, I sew my front CQ and embellished piece to my plain backing and then add lining before adding clasp. If you want my pattern, you can email me for address and send a self addressed stamped envelope. I am always happy to share. I guarantee my pattern will work perfectly with the 3.5" Bucilla clasps.

#3 Lay opened clasp on top of pouch and make sure it matches up with clasp holes before sewing up sides of pouch.

#4 Using hidden stitch, sew both sides of pouch starting at bottom and working your way up to where the clasp will open wide without stress on seams. Firmly but gently pull tightly after each stitch to close sides securely together.

#5 Pouch is ready for pressing and clasp addition.

#6 Starting at either side,bring beading needle from inside of clasp,through fabric and out the front hole.

#7 Add a bead and continue to other side filling each hole with a seed bead.

#8 Finished beading one side. Knot off a few times from inside corner.

#9 The inside of your pouch will have a finished seam and at this point you can call it finished.

#10 I like to add a matching trim covering the area where seam meets clasp for a nicer finished appearance.

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Pat Winter

Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Pat Winter of Gatherings By Pat Winter. Pat is a published Crazy Quilter from Indiana who loves experimenting with fabrics, glass, charms, beautiful threads and silk ribbon. She is dedicated to sharing her world of crazy quilting with others to help keep this beautiful art form alive.

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