Friday, October 17, 2008

Mixed Media Pocket Dolls PLAY TIME! by Monica Magness of Girl-Gone-Thread-Wild

Monica Magness has a wonderful tutorial on her Girl-Gone-Thread-Wild blog for creating mixed media pocket dolls that I think you will enjoy. Have fun!

Here is a speedy, quirky art project for you
to create multiple dolls at one time!

You will need:

tiny imagesscrap fabric
metal bits
rubber stamps


game pieces

How to:

Cut round discs from cardboard.

Slice one cork end, glue disc in slot.

Create tiny collages onto disc.

Seal with matte gel medium.

Rubber stamp cork.

Let dry.

Garnish with beads, stickers, ribbons & scrap fabs.

Glue words to cardboard, cut out.

Assemble metal/paper/fiber/game piece bits, adhere with E6000.

Add a splash of paint.


Finally, glue button to base of doll.

Wah lah!

Note: E6000 works best to assemble bits PRIOR to applying to cork.... use gel medium on objects coming into direct contact with cork)

Detail shots:

Following the completion of your dolls, please consider mailing one to Pat Winter
to be donated to a battered women's shelter
(of your choosing).

You can read more about Pat's project, doll specifications,
and discover her address at:

Open request for all,"Giving with your heart, made from your hands

Thanks D'tella for inspiring me with your art!

Please respect Monica's Terms of Use: Have fun creating different variations of mixed media pocket dolls and please feel free to sell your finished pieces! My "Mixed Media Pocket Dolls PLAYTIME" tutorial may not be copied, reprinted, emailed or distributed by any means without my permission.

Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Monica Magness of Girl-Gone-Thread-Wild. Monica is a doll artist, mixed media artist, textile artist and fabric artist. Please visit Monica's Girl-Gone-Thread-Wild blog at .

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