Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drawer Sachets Tutorial by Eydie Liebelt of She Brews

I thought you would all like to know that Eydie Liebelt has the most adorable free tutorial on creating embroidered drawer sachets on her She Brews blog/website that I think you will enjoy.

Drawer Sachets - Part 1

I started with moda charms of 12" X 12" I purchased on-line at Fat Quarter Shop . I made a template out of mat board measuring 3"x 4" and cut four pieces of muslin , at this point you could trace your embroidery pattern on your muslin with a water- soluble pen. Then iron blank side with heat and bond lite. After folding the 12 x12 in half, I centered and lined it up close to the bottom (leaving room for seam allowance) and ironed the muslin applique to the 12x12. I use the heat and bond lite because it allows stitching with reasonable ease. I like to embroider on two layers because I don't worry about my needle travel showing through......

Here you can see the pattern traced on the muslin. You can stitch around the applique any stitch you like. I don't know the technical word for this stitch I use, but it is the one I use the most, although if you know blanket stitch, that would work well too. Stitching around the border makes it nice and clean and I don't worry about it lifting. I also use DMC cotton perle size 8. I like this better than embroidery floss, or maybe I just haven't used embroidery floss because I used this Maybe I would really like embroidery floss if I used it.....

I store my perle cotton in little cases made for matchbox cars. I can carry quite a number of colors with me at once when I travel.

I looked to see if I do the borders first and then the design or the other way around....I don't think it matters and I think I change up because that's how I am---I don't like "beaten" paths as well as the new ones......

I am not going to post the patterns today, because I will be posting them on the Flickr Embroidery Blog tomorrow with the finished bags pictures. Make sure you check them out tomorrow.

Once the bags are embroidered, I sew a hem on the top of bag, fold it right side in and stitch it closed except for the top of the bag. Clip the corners, pull right side out and fill with a dryer towel and some cotton batting and tie the top with matching ribbon. Package them up nice and give them to mom for mother's day. There you go.

More pictures tomorrow.

Drawer Sachets - Part 2

Hi Everybody,

I realize I never posted the picture of the sachets completed on my blog. I posted the patterns on Feeling Stitchy . But, if they get buried, I have a link in the sidebar in the tutorials. Here is a close-up of all the patterns:

I have been getting a lot of visits, so after looking at the tutorial, I noticed that it seemed incomplete without the finished pictures. The tutorial itself is two posts back. Feel free to ask if something isn't clear. I love finding tutorials on other blogs and appreciate the time people take to make them. I will post one every so often and try to keep them in the tutorial links for your convenience. Thanks for visiting me, and I love comments, so don't be shy!

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