Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amigurumi and Knitted Scarf Patterns by Else Tennessen of Else's Bellas Artes Blog

I thought you might all like to know that Else Tennessen of Else's Bellas Artes blog has created two wonderful FREE .pdf amigurumi crochet patterns and 1 knitted scarf pattern on her blog.

To view her patterns just go to her Else's Bellas Artes blog and look for the FREE PATTERNS category at the top of her blog.

Ladybug Amigurumi
Copyright © 2008, Else M. Tennessen,

Copyright © 2007, Else M. Tennessen,

Eyelet Scarf
Copyright © 2006, Else M. Tennessen,

Please respect Elsie's TERMS OF USE: All patterns copyright Else M. Tennessen. You can make these items for personal use and limited sale as long as a credit is given saying "From a pattern by Else Tennessen," Please do not sell, copy or distribute this pattern in any way. Do not link directly to the pattern; please link to

Bio: Else is an artist and writer living in the Windy City. She is the mother of four boys and "dog mom" to a rat terrier named Daisy. She enjoys many types of arts and crafts, and is currently learning to hand spin her own yarn.

Copyright © 2008, Else M. Tennessen,

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