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Free Quilt As You Go Tutorial From Julia Camilleri of Julia's Place Blog

Quilt As You Go....
Copyright © 2007 — All Rights Reserved — Written By Julia Camilleri

I have been working on putting my DGSon's music quilt together and thought I would blog how I do this quilt-as-you-go method...there are most likely lots of ways to do it, but this is how I did mine...The idea is to break up your quilt into sections, so that at the end of it all you do not have a great big quilt to machine quilt or hand quilt, if that's how you wish to go.

Either way it can be very hard and very tiresome on your arms and back.

First off the quilt has to broken up into sections, so you must put some thought into how you will break up the sections,...on this particular quilt I decided to make it up in three long panels the full length of the quilt.... a middle panel section and two narrower panel sections on the sides.You must first piece the quilt in the sections you have decided on, sandwich the top, batting and backing sections , baste and quilt the sections in your chosen method.

Measure and trim back the sections , making sure they will all fit together nicely.

Cut a strip of fabric one inch wide, that you chosen as your top sashing, in my case I am using black cut a strip of the backing fabric one and a quarter inches wide for underneath, the extra 1/4 inch is so you have a bit more to work with there will see why then.Pin the strips of fabrics down one side of a sashing fabric on the front and backing fabric to the back..stitch them down with a quarter inch seam down the edge.

I then pressed the strips outwards, the way they need to go to join onto the next panel piece.

Place the raw edge of the top sashing strip only to the top of the next section and pin well.

Now carefully stitch the top sashing strip on.... 1/4 inch seam again....In keeping your seams to the 1/4 inch, they will meet in the middle and lay flat.<

Press the top and there you have your top sashing on,

Now it's just a matter of turning under the raw edge of the back strip and hand stitching the strip in place...

You can also add borders in this way, all that's left to do is bind the quilt and it's done...

This quilt is a queen bed size, so for me it was much easier and better to handle in this Quilt-as-you-go method.

I do hope that you can understand how I did mine, please email me if you get stuck along the way....

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Copyright © 2007 — All Rights Reserved — Written By Julia Camilleri on her "Julia's Place" Blog - For more crafting tips and techniques visit Julia's "Julia's Place" blog. Julia is a seamstress who specializes in crazy quilting, ribbon embroidery, and all things Victorian.  For more pictures of Julia's creations please visit Julia's Flickr site -

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