Friday, February 15, 2008

Lavender Dolly Tutorial From Tina Wishart of Teeweewonders Blog

I thought you might all like to know that Tina Wishart has a wonderful FREE tutorial on her Teeweewonders blog on making a lavender dolly.

Here's Tina's Lavender Dolly tutorial:

My mum has always been very crafty and has taught me most of what I know about crafting; more than anything she has taught me the joy of making things with my own bare hands.

My sister-in-law loves crafting as much as I do and every time I take her to my parents we ask my mum to teach us something new. This years lesson was a lesson in making lavender dollies, or as I like to call them "lavender smellies". I love the smell and look of lavender and these wee dollies are so much nicer than your average "air freshener".

To make a lavender dolly we picked 22 very long stalks of lavender with a nice bloom. You need an odd number of stalks to make the weave work, we wove over two stalks each time, hence the 22 stalks made the odd number of 11.

We tied the lavender together with a nice silky ribbon right underneath the flowers and bent the stalks down to cover the flowers. The stalks had to be distributed evenly around the bundle to make the weave nice and even.

You weave over pairs of the stalks all the way to the bottom of the flowers and tie the ribbon around the "neck"; making a hoop for hanging in the process.

Once finished, you cut off the ends of the stalks to give an even finish. I like to cut mine at an angle, but that is obviously entirely down to taste.

I absolutely adore the outcome of this simple wee task, and I rather enjoyed fiddling with the ribbon to get it smooth. The smell off the dollies lasts a long time and if it starts to fade, just sprinkle a tiny bit of water on them, and the smell will be fresh again.

My husband took loads of pictures throughout the process, so I've put a wee collection together in a slideshow. I hope you enjoy them.

Please Note: Unfortunately Tina's slideshow is n longer available.

CLICK HERE for Tina's Lavender Dolly slideshow.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my lavender dollies on your blog. I see loads of people have followed your link already, so now I've better get blogging!

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